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.AE Domains that are short and attractive play a crucial role in the success of businesses in Dubai and the UAE. They make it easier for customers to remember and access websites, while also projecting a professional image. Investing in a beautiful and concise .ae domain can greatly enhance a business's online presence and branding.

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What is .ae Domain Name

The official top-level domain name for the UAE is ".ae" and its Arabic Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) version is "امارات." The Domain Administration of Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority regulates this domain space. For businesses and individuals interested in registering a .ae domain, accredited registrars are available for this service.

The .ae domain policies cover types, eligibility, licensing, and registration processes. These include specific rules for different types of domains (such as government, commercial, and personal), requirements for applicants, and the steps needed to obtain and maintain a .ae domain. The licensing aspect involves accredited registrars and adherence to regulations set by the UAE's Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority.


Accredited Registrars

To contact accredited registrars for registering a .ae domain, you should visit the official UAE government website or the specific webpage dedicated to the .ae domain registration. There, you'll find a list of accredited registrars along with their contact details. This list will include various service providers authorized to register .ae domains, and you can choose one based on your preferences for services, pricing, and customer support.

.ae domain price starts from AED 125 per year. You can check all providers to find the best rates.


.ae Domain Whois Lookup

To perform a .ae domain Whois lookup, you would need to use a service that provides domain registration information for .ae domains. These services can give you details about the domain's registration status, owner information (subject to privacy policies), registrar details. The official .ae domain administration or accredited registrars typically offer a Whois search tool on their websites for this purpose.

Official Whois Websites:


Frequently Asked Questions

help Why should I invest in .ae domains? chevron_right

Investing in .ae domains is strategic for several reasons. The UAE's fast-growing economy and digital landscape offer a prime opportunity for domain investors. The significant increase in .ae domain registrations reflects a growing market and demand. Premium .ae domains, like those sold for substantial amounts in the past ( for $1.6m, for $101,000, for $95,000), show the potential for high returns. Additionally, owning a .ae domain can enhance brand presence and credibility in a key economic region, making it an attractive investment for businesses and individuals aiming to establish a strong digital footprint in the Arab world.

help How can I buy domain on chevron_right

To buy a domain on, you would typically need to follow their online process which involves searching for the desired domain name to check its availability, selecting it, and then proceeding through their checkout process. This usually includes providing your contact and payment information. For specific steps, terms, and conditions related to purchasing a domain on, I recommend consulting their official website and particularly the "Terms and Conditions" section for detailed guidance and any updates on the process. Visit our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

help How can I trust you? chevron_right

You can trust in the process because all transactions are conducted through the secure marketplace, ensuring safety and reliability. With several years of experience in the domain industry, we've successfully sold hundreds of domains, demonstrating our commitment to providing secure and efficient services. Our track record of successful sales and the use of a trusted platform like for transactions are key reasons to trust in our services.

help Do you provide backorder of .ae domains? chevron_right

We do not offer a backorder service for .ae domains. This process is complex, partly because the WHOIS data for such domains are private, making it challenging to track and secure domains before they become available to the general public.

help Where can I buy .ae domain? chevron_right

You can purchase .ae domains from any accredited provider or reseller. The most reputable accredited companies include,,, and

help What are the requirements for .ae domain? chevron_right

To register a .ae domain, you must fill out a form with personal or company information, including full name, phone number, address, and email. The most critical aspect is the email ID, as it is used to receive the EPP-code during domain transfer. It's essential to provide real information, as the regulator or provider may request verification documents. Any foreigner can own a .ae domain, even without an Emirates ID.